Mars Blacc

mars blaccWhat up, guys? I’m Mars Blacc, the founder and executive producer at Attraction By Science. I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and mad blogger. Most importantly though, I am a social dynamic expert, relationship guru, and dating coach based out of Toronto, Canada. For the past five years I’ve been hitting the streets, nightclubs, and any and everywhere else you can think of honing my skills at cold approach pickup with every type of woman you can think of, from young college girls to older professional types.

Since 2011, I’ve been putting my lifelong interest in social sciences and gender dynamics to use, pursuing my passion as a pickup artist continually, day and night. I’ve been rejected, I’ve gotten laid, I’ve met new friends and girlfriends, but through it all, I’ve developed tried and true methods of cultivating solid bonds and deep relationships between men and women. I feel that the teachings that you’ll find here will change your life for the better. There’s no other company out there that will transform your life like we will. Personally, I want to change your life and give you the power to change the lives around you effortlessly. That’s what I believe in.

The Truth on Telling the Truth

When I was a younger man, more naive and less understanding, I took the approach that many young men think is the best way to garner female attention; blatantly lying and using different techniques only to get into a girl’s pants. I’m here to tell you right now, that path is a cold and lonely one. Those kinds of practices are not what you will be taught at Attraction by Science. What I am here to do is teach you how to become a more compelling man with honesty. I’m also here to teach you just how to take control of your own attributes and use them to expand your horizons and sculpt your reality. If you’re looking to harness the social skills that are already inside you and use them to attract the kind of women you want, I am here to show you how.

On Gender Dynamics and Bettering Yourself

Throughout my years of experience the best way how to be successful with women is through personal growth and self development and building yourself into what you want to become. At Attraction by Science I won’t try to offer you some cookie cutter pick up line or magic pill but a long lasting formula to permanent growth. Instead I want to provide you with a base foundation to use in the process of creating your own ecosystem. This ecosystem will allow you to cultivate not only positive relationships with the women you want, but also with your life passions, your friends, and your family. Our goal at Attraction by Science is not only how to teach you to attract a multitude of women, but mold yourself into the man you strive to become.

“I Don’t Care What Women Say. I Care What They Respond To.”

The quote above is a relative one from one of my many mentors and really draws on the philosophy of myself and Attraction by Science. With Attraction by Science, I not only hope to reach a male audience looking for advice on socializing with the women they want, but also a female audience in turn. I value the unique ability of Attraction by Science to connect with female psychology while keeping male communication intact. It is my deepest desire that through my work, this site’s unique aspects, and my philosophies and ideas on gender dynamics and communication that I can influence readers and visitors to live more positively and passionately, and teach them how build passionate and positive relationships from that foundation.