Revealed: Best Nightclubs In Toronto To Pickup Girls

Toronto is one of the most exciting places to meet gorgeous women from diverse backgrounds. The place is flooded by beautiful girls from the surrounding cities of Brampton, Oakville, Markham, Mississauga and Scarborough, the lively and cosmopolitan city boasts of attractive women from different nationalities, including Canadian, European and American women is amazing. The city also houses nightclubs of all tastes and genres, including electro, hip hop, Indy, salsa, lounges and sports bars, which attracts a variety of pretty and hot girls. In this guide, I will be focusing on venues for guys just getting into game. If you are looking for the best nightclubs in Toronto to pickup girls, here are some amazing options to consider.

Madison House

For patio lovers who want to enjoy their nights out and pick up cute university girls, Madison House is a great place to visit. The laid back 2-story pub has a huge patio area where men can pick up stunning girls with amazing ease. Frequented mainly by international and University of Toronto students, Madison House is ideal for students and young guys who want to pick up university girls. Plus, there’s a large Brazilian and Korean variety of exchange students who frequently go there as well.

There is no dress code and the women there tend to be 19-24 years old. So, if you’re young and new, this is the place for you. Its best nights are usually Thursdays and it gets really packed around 10:30 pm time slot. FYI it’s usually dead around the exam times. Just be aware when it’s exam time. While Madison House is great for picking up young women and great practice for guys that thrive with their verbal game, there is a cover charge of $5 and a large amount of PUAs on Thursday nights.


Patched at the center of the Entertainment District, Ballroom has a cool and lively atmosphere that is ideal for picking up girls. In fact, Ballroom is a decent sized venue with a relatively spacious inside patio, loads of TVs and comfortable couching area to isolate girls. And because of its splendid bowling experience, it is visited by young (19-23 years old) who want to enjoy great evenings. It also attracts young, professional, sporty, single men aged between 20 and 30-somethings (just so you know).

At Ballroom you will have free cover all the time and you will be entertained with top 40 music. It gets pretty crowded sometimes and it’s a pain to interact with girls at times. The best nights at the Ballroom are Fridays and Saturdays with usually pick ups at around 11:30 pm. Nevertheless, the place usually has a crowded dance floor. Plus, there’s a lot of pua’s on Saturdays.

Sneaky Dees

Sneaky Dees is a College Street Bar frequently visited by girls aged 20-24 years. It is a great place for students, artsy musicians, hipsters and etc. The place is one of the best places for practicing your physical game. On Wednesdays, the music is old school Hip Hop and RnB with some newer stuff thrown into the mix. One thing I have to say about the place that it’s one of the only places where the bouncers are actually… nice. The best nights are Saturdays (Retro-themed) and Wednesdays (Wayback Wednesdays) but only both nights, the place usually gets good around 12-12:30am mark.

There are also free water jugs to keep you going which is great because you don’t have to ask the bartenders for water every second. However, Sneaky Dees usually gets crowded, hot and steam, even sometimes stinky when everyone is dancing. There is also a cover of $5 for both nights and the washroom is extremely nasty. Plus, there’s also a lot of regulars which is downside because if you go every week, you’re going to run into the same people again and again.

Brunswick House

If you are looking for the perfect place for physical game, verbal game and chatting, Brunswick House is the place to visit. The decent sized venue has a large patio area that is often filled by young girls on Thursdays and on weekends and by cute college girls. The best nights at Brunswick House are Thursdays and Friday nights with the venue getting good at around 11pm.

This venue is great for pulling girls. Nevertheless, several aggressive guys frequently go to the venue which results in at least one fight every night. There is also a cover charge of $5 you can easily avoid by calling the venue to get on their guest list.

Luxy Nightclub

Luxy Nightclub is not just a very big venue with lots of 40 music, but also a host to hundreds of sexy cute girls. It receives a big number of Persian and Italian girls, while its nearness to York University makes it an ideal place for picking up university girls and girls aged 20 and above. It is good for physical game and perfect for men living in the Uptown areaand the general GTA. The best nights are Saturdays and the venue comes gets good at around 11pm. However, you must arrive there before 11:30 pm and entry after that time comes with a cover charge of $15-$20.

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