The Forever Rose Bear is perfect for any romantic event. It’s a pink floral bear
decorated with vibrantly colored roses— an added benefit is that these flowers will never die.

The Rose Bear comes sitting on a solid base in a clear box with a black satin ribbon tied all
neatly and prettily on the top.

For such a delicate looking object, Blush Teddy makes it easy to open: simply untie the
ribbon, lift the plastic box straight off from the top and remove the plastic bag layer to reveal
your vibrant bear of roses.

This Forever Rose Teddy Bear is fashioned from roses covered from top to bottom. Each
flower is handmade and glued to the Bear, with extra roses that come with it, just in case of
the rare event that any of them happen to fall off.

Sizing and Color Options

No matter the color, each bear is fashioned from roses that are bold with color and vibrant.
They add a pop of color to any setting, coming in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Dark red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Orange
  • Pink/red
  • Brown
  •  Dark red/white
  • Red/white
  • White/red
  • Light blue
  • Pink/white

We’ve already established that this isn’t just your average Teddy Bear. The Forever Rose
Teddy Bear stands tall to either

  • 25 centimeters (9.84 inches)
  • 40 centimeters (15.74 inches)

Blush Teddy even offers discounts if you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to surround her
with Rose bears in all her favorite colors.

Specific Details

These bears are handmade with care from a plastic foam and foam rubber bear-shaped
base. The roses are artificial without any BPA ingredients.

These bears are perfect for any moment of love whether it be:

Blush Teddy ships their Rose Bears all over the world with tracking codes to find your bear
wherever it may be. It takes around 7-14 days to receive the bear, depending on location.

What Makes These Bears Special?

The Forever Rose Teddy Bear is the all in one package of everything a woman loves on
Valentines Day: bears, roses, and the most wonderful surprise of them all. Because of the
bear being handmade, no Forever Bear will be exactly the same.

This is more than your stuffed bear that is purchased at the grocery store as an afterthought.
These are artistically crafted and make the perfect pair to a necklace, ring, or a special box
of chocolate that she will be sure to love.

This bear is also a gorgeous statement piece that she will want to display for everyone to
see. A Forever Rose Teddy Bear is the artistic centerpiece anyone needs in their house for
Valentine’s Day.

No matter who that special someone is, they will be sure to enjoy a gift chosen from the